L& L People’s Foundation was formally known as Zongogh. The foundation was founded in July 2020 with a group of selfless young men and women who are obsessed with humanity. We will cooperate with individuals, donors, groups and government agencies to reach out to the vulnerable in our societies and extend support to them. We strive to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals through women empowerment, education, and provision of standard humanitarian activities to bring equity, protection, and love to all. We are touching lives with love for love conquers all.

Motto: Your plight, our concern!!!


Our obsession with humanity is to provide hope for
the hopeless, food for the hungry, shelter for the
homeless and above all, to be a guardian angel to
children who are unfortunate to lose their parents,
the orphans.


What Our People all over the World Are Saying About Us

I'm just wowed about how you go all out to put smiles on the faces of others and giving hope to the hopeless. I pray the world sees the good work you are doing and gives you the needed support to deliver.

Emanuel Sorogo

I'm overwhelmed with your community support programs. The humanitarian work is huge and we need more people to help. You are doing awesome in this difficult period of pandemic. Continue to impact life's. Together we will make the world a better place in our own small ways.

Saddique CEO, Rural Smile Foundation

Thank you for your quick response when you were called upon to come to the aid of my needy students whom you have placed on scholarship. The world would be a better place for us with selfless people like you. I wish you the best in the journey of helping others to live a fulfilling and dignified life

Teacher Kwadwo Sarfo

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